How Prominent Are Blocked Shots?

October 28, 2015

Check out these NHL players' blocked shots statistics from the 2014/15 regular season provided by Sporting Charts and ESPN. Here are the top ten players and their blocked shots: 


At the 2015 Honda NHL All-Star Skills Competition, four players from two teams shot head to head in the AMP NHL Hardest Shot event. These were the results:


Shooter & MPH 
1. A. Ovechkin    101.4mph
2. B. Burns           97.6mph
3. S. Stamkos      98.8mph              
4. D. Byfuglien     97.3mph

Shooter & MPH
1. B. Seabrook    98.6mph
2. A. Ekblad         95.3mph
3. J. Faulk            95.0mph
4. S. Weber         108.5mph

As you can see, the slowest shot in this competition between these teams was 95 mph, the fastest by Weber at a record breaking 108.5 mph. And with Kris Russel blocking 283 of these professional shots this season, the reason for needing foot protection explains itself. Of course, there is the controversial shot clocked at 110.5 mph and fire by Jared Cowen — in the midst of Sens Skills' Hardest Shot competition, but we don't even want to think about taking that shot to the foot without a pair of Skate Fenders, YIKES!


The average shots blocked per player in the NHL 2014/15 season was 35.6 shots. If you need more reason to order Skate Fenders to protect your feet, gasp at the Top 10 Hardest Slapshots in NHL History.


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