October 28, 2015

Check out these NHL players' blocked shots statistics from the 2014/15 regular season provided by Sporting Charts and ESPN. Here are the top ten players and their blocked shots: 


At the 2015 Honda NHL All-Star Skills Competition, four players from two teams shot head to head in the AMP NHL Hardest Shot event. These were the results:


Shooter & MPH 
1. A. Ovechkin    101.4mph
2. B. Burns           97.6mph
3. S. Stamkos      98.8mph              
4. D. Byfuglien     97.3mph

Shooter & MPH
1. B. Seabrook    98.6mph
2. A. Ekblad         95.3mph
3. J. Faulk            95.0mph
4. S. W...

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