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Matt Traa Wearing Skate Fenders

Matt Traa

Atlantic City NJ Mustangs

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Matt Traa Wearing Skate Fenders

Grant Ledford

Lansing Capitals AAA/West Michigan Elite 

Matt Traa Wearing Skate Fenders


"I gave my son his skate fenders on Christmas. At first he was a little unsure. He skated with them at a practice, and has worn them ever since. My younger son wants them now as well.."




"I just wanted to thank your company for making your Skate Fenders.  My son is 14 playing AAA hockey in GTHL and has been using your product after he blocked a shot 2 years ago and was injured.  The Compact Pro Fenders have saved him too many times to mention."

"It protect the puck a lot with my feet and they have protected me from those numerous chops on the top of the laces when guys try to knock the puck away. The tape smears are clear evidence."


Rich Tree Goins

Fort Wayne Indiana Aftershock 

"The new size is perfect. I put them to use over the weekend and they saved me from limping this morning."


"I love the product and recommend it to everyone I can [ . . . ] They've held up great and I rarely feel puck impacts."

"It is the single best piece of equipment I have ever had. I really do not even notice I’m wearing them until my foot is hit or I have to retie my skate. I have been hit so many times I could not even begin to count. Most times I only know by the sound that I was hit in the foot. I have had shots hit off them and deflect 20 feet in the air, they are not “glancing blows”. I did feel that one, but was able to stay on the ice and never missed a shift. I have a much-increased confidence to stay in front of the net or a defenseman at the point knowing that if a puck were to hit me in the foot it most likely won't end in an injury. I have seen many teammates, guys on other teams and guys I play open hockey with start wear in them. All have similar stories [. . .] I would absolutely recommend them to anyone one playing. I will not go on the ice without them, even for some pond hockey with the kids or to just work on passing.”

"...I met you up in Gaylord when you first introduced me to your product. From then on out I have been using Skate Fenders. I have taken many shots and slashes off the foot and not one of them have hurt. Also I know some people don't say this but the fenders also keep your laces from getting cut saving you even more money, not just in medical bills. Haha I love your product and I will continue to use it for the rest of my hockey career. Thanks for the awesome invention, it has been keeping me in the game for almost 5 years."

"I would not play another league game without them as they saved me on numerous occasions. I am 43 years old and been playing for 28 years. I only play beer league hockey but we all know how diverse skill level can be in these leagues. The game has forever changed with the advent of the composite stick and shots are much harder than they use to be..."

Brian Wynn

New Jersey, Mustangs

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing the skate fenders are that I bought for my son. He's playing Bantam 1 hockey in Calgary and has blocked shot after shot with his skates and has laughed them all off.  He's stopped slap shots from the side, from the front and he doesn't ever flinch thanks to your fender. He blocked a shot with his Easton Stealth the other day and it snapped the stick in half, so these boys have some power in their shots."

"The fenders gave me the confidence to charge down a couple of shots , which if I had been NHL would have gone with my stats. Two further shots ricocheted harmlessly off the sides and one came off the front and headed up into the roof spaces, so it was a fairly powerful shot. Brilliant , not even a tickle!"


"I have been using Skate Fenders for the past two years and absolutely love the product."



"Just wanted to say how good your product is. I coach a Junior team so I had 3 of my defensemen wearing them and I wore the other pair. I play about 130 games a year (I own a hockey rink along with 4 other fellows) and I am totally impressed with the skatefenders. Our regular skates are a bunch of us who played Senior A and university hockey and there's also some ex-NHL and ex-AHL and a lot of former major junior players. We allow slapshots and I can say that your skatefenders have saved me from a couple of nasty foot injuries given that blocking shots is about the only trick I have left in my bag."

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