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Compact Pro

Compact Pro

  • Small-Medium - Skate size 4/4.5 up to 8

  • Large - Skate size 8 and up


    The COMPACT PROs are designed for players who opt not to wear the FULL coverage Skate Fenders but want protection from puck and stick impacts in those vulnerable ankle and instep areas.

    The COMPACT PRO model is made of the same durable, lightweight, high grade polycarbonate as our FULL PRO models and, like our FULL PRO Skate Fenders, are engineered to protect the feet by deflecting and dissipating impact energy.

    The COMPACT PROs attach easily to the skates with a strap that inserts under the lower front laces and a single rear strap around the ankle area. This allows quick and easy access to the laces by simply undoing the rear strap and tipping the Fender forward. (Many players just leave the Fenders attached to the skates—even in their equipment bags.)


    Sizing is determined by skate boot size, width, and style, but all Skate Fenders models have the same fit characteristics:

    • Small-Medium - Fit from size 4/4.5 up to 8 in narrow to normal boot widths.

    • Large - Fit from 8 up and fit normal to wide boot widths.


    All Prices In US$


    Orders are shipped by U.S. Postal Service.


    For orders of more than two pair, contact us for team discounts and shipping details.

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